Tips for beginners with learning vocab

So lately I have been reading lot’s of articles and websites on how to memorise vocabulary better and I have made a list of tips I picked up. I hope these can become useful to you as I have found them very useful myself.

1. When memorising vocabulary, try to make the words relevant.
What I mean by this is, although all those programs where you get emailed a new word daily seem like lots of fun and a great way to learn vocab, it’s probably not working. Try to cluster words into different themes that are relevant to you. For example if you like to cook, you might want to learn the words for fruits and vegetables, or knife/fork/spoon etc.

2. Retaining previous information is important, yesterdays vocabulary is more important than today’s.
To transfer words from short term memory to long term memory you must make sure you revisit the words you have already learnt. Whether this be through flash cards, or reading something, just make sure you review often. If you don’t you are very likely to forget what you have learnt.

3. Set realistic goals.
So many of the articles I have been reading saying its possible to learn 100+ words in just one week. This may be for some people who have lots of time but as for me and most other people, time is precious and hard to come by. If you focus on a realistic amount of words, say maybe 10-20 per week, you will A be more likely to achieve this goal and B know these words inside out.

Hope these are useful, they definitely helped me! Please email me with your questions or just leave a comment πŸ™‚


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