WOW. It has been soooooo long since I’ve posted. I am rather disappointed in myself for not do another post sooner actually. I have been very  busy with Christmas, my Birthday, News Years etc. but I feel like thats not a good enough excuse haha.

To give everyone an update: Although I haven’t been posting on here I have been keeping up with my Korean. I am doing it for a project at school so I pretty much have to stick with it. Im glad I choose to do it on this though because I am really enjoying doing the homework. Weird, never thought I would say that. Although I’m are on our summer holidays, its expected of me too finish half of it before school goes back. Which is actually a lot to ask for 😦

I recently purchased a Korean textbook from my local book store, although you can get it on amazon, Shipping is so expensive to Aus :((( So far I am enjoying it, i bought it on Boxing Day (my birthday lol) and I’m already past the halfway mark. I think this is because I had already learnt what was taught in the beginning so I went through those really quickly. I will do a review when I’ve completed the whole textbook, which could be in the next couple of weeks. I also purchase the Elementary Korean textbook and Workbook from Book Depository for about $55 which I thought was pretty decent! They should come late next week so I’ll also do a review on both of them.

Hope everyone is well! Its freezing here in Aus even though its summer?? Its been raining heaps too, so strange haha


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