Ahhh I’ve got so much homework I’m struggling to find time to study Korean properly!! I need to stay motived though, I also hope everyone else out there is too! Even if it’s not learning Korean but just with anything that you are doing or attempting to do I guess. YOU CAN DO IT!

My favourite quote:
“People say nothing’s impossible, but I do nothing everyday” – Winnie the Pooh

Kind of relevant hahaha

Text book review on Mastering Conversational Korean coming very soon!


Textbook Pdf’s


Hope everyone is doing well! I found a pdf version of  Korean Through English! Although its not the best copy, I’ve had a chance to flick through it and it actually looks very useful. It teaches Hangul in the beginning and then doesn’t use romanisation throughout the rest of it. I honestly prefer it this way, it teaches you to not rely on romanisation. Korean Through English 1

Another one I’ve come across is Using Korean A Guide to Contemporary Usage. I have barely look at this one yet as I don’t believe I’m advanced enough but thought I’d include it anyway. It does not teach Hangul or basic grammar as it says in the start that this is for those “who have already acquired the basics”. It does look really well set out though and when I get up to this level I will definitely be using it!! Using Korean A Guide to Contemporary Usage

More free resources

Hi all! I have found some more free resources for those of you learning Korean. Some are just links to websites and others are pdf’s of textbooks, enjoy!

My Korean 1 textbook pdf/audio files
My Korean 1 | Monash University

My Korean 2 textbook pdf/audio files
My Korean 2 | Monash University

Korean from Zero textbook pdf
Korean from Zero

Fresh Korean | Free Resources (There are so many on here!)
Free Resources

The Mimic Method (helps with pronunciation)
The Mimic Method

Because Korean language self studying isn’t that lame, right? (Just a great blog)
Because Korean language self studying isn’t that lame, right?

Dirty Korean (Korean Slang)
Dirty Korean

Hope these will be helpful, when I discover some more I’ll be sure to let you guys know 🙂


WOW. It has been soooooo long since I’ve posted. I am rather disappointed in myself for not do another post sooner actually. I have been very  busy with Christmas, my Birthday, News Years etc. but I feel like thats not a good enough excuse haha.

To give everyone an update: Although I haven’t been posting on here I have been keeping up with my Korean. I am doing it for a project at school so I pretty much have to stick with it. Im glad I choose to do it on this though because I am really enjoying doing the homework. Weird, never thought I would say that. Although I’m are on our summer holidays, its expected of me too finish half of it before school goes back. Which is actually a lot to ask for 😦

I recently purchased a Korean textbook from my local book store, although you can get it on amazon, Shipping is so expensive to Aus :((( So far I am enjoying it, i bought it on Boxing Day (my birthday lol) and I’m already past the halfway mark. Continue reading