What am I doing?

Update: I actually went to Officeworks today and bought my schoolbooks for next year and just some other stuff. I’m really happy because I found some flash cards so it means I don’t have to make my own now. I also got another book so I can organise my Korean a bit better, it was all over the place and it will now be in the same folder. I also bought an A5 diary sort of thing. I’m thinking of practicing my writing by using it as a journal and only writing in Korean. It will obviously be very basic and random sentences now but in the future I’ll be able to look back at my progress.

An actual update: Currently I am kind of doing two things at once. I signed up to koreanclass101 and when I signed up it said you could go premium for $1, with hesitation I decided to just go for it. I was also given a code to get one free product so I choose the one that let you download all of the audio lessons which was usually $49 for free, which was a nice surprise although I will say that the way it’s structured isn’t how I like to learn. It kind of teaches random scenarios and gives you grammar that you would use in that particular scenario. I personally prefer to learn the grammar rules and then apply it, is anyone the same? I did find this somewhat beneficial but I am more likely to use it when I have a better concept on sentence structure. 

Currently I am looking at basic sentence structure and particles, conjugations etc, as welI as learning some basic vocabulary and still learning all of the pronunciation rules. The conjugations and particles are not something that can be learned quickly so have been looking at these videos on Youtube, they explain Hangul as well as honorific sentence endings, conjugations and many other things. They have one native English speaker and one native Korean speaker who give examples. I have also been looking at Talk to me in Korean and on their YouTube they post good, short and effective videos. The website How to study Korean has really detailed explanations on grammar and basic sentence structure so I would really recommend this site as it is what I am currently using.

Hope everyone is doing well! What everyone has been up too? In Australia it’s summer so its stinking hot everyday which I love haha


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