Update: Hangul

Even though in my last blog post I said I had already been learning Hangul, I thought some might find it beneficial if I posted the notes I wrote down while I was learning. As Hangul is the most important part to learning Korean, I thought it needed another post. I have discovered this already and I am only 2 weeks into studying Korean. All of the information I have gotten was from the links that were included in the last post. I can pronounce all of the consonants pretty well and without looking at the Romanisation, it is the vowels that I am finding difficult. As there are so many vowels and some of them sound quite similar, they also appear very similar; I still need to rely on Romanisation, which sucks but my goal is to know it by the end of next week. I have not learnt all of the rules yet either, that is still a work in progress (I will post how thats going late next week).

Sorry my handwriting is not the best


This is the page that if I get stuck I refer too. This was not the original page of notes I took, this is just a page I can refer too that I wrote after I learnt Hangul. I am one of those people who write down more than what is needed. On the website learn langs, the part I found most useful is that it gave you lots of words to practice with, if you check out the website you will understand. I have done every single one of them and wrote down other notes from this website. I used 12 pages (I will admit I do have big handwriting) just from writing notes down from this website and practicing each word. It helped me mostly with consonants, not so much vowels. The reason I say not so much with vowels is because you actually need to hear them over and over and repeat them yourselves, as they are harder to learn than the consonants. I would definitely recommend this site to any absolute beginner learning hangul. How to study Korean is a great website as well so check both of these out if you can! They are both detailed are explained really well so it is easy to comprehend. As for videos check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdiR-6e1h0o  to help with the pronunciation of vowels.

My top tips for learning Hangul:

  • Look at a range of sources
  • Write down notes
  • Test yourself on your knowledge
  • Review what you have done
  • TALK TO YOURSELF OUT LOUD (I know it seems stupid but it works)
  • Practice, practice and practise

I can do it, you can do it, we all can do it! Have a little faith and you will be surprised by your own ability. Happy Hangul learning!


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