Why Korean?

Why Korean?

The first language I will be learning is the Korean language. Why you may ask? Well throughout the entire year I have been interesting in Asian languages (mainly because of how different it is to English) and decided to give Korean a go for a numerous amount of reasons:

  • Asian languages interest me
  • South Korea is a beautiful country which I plan to visit one day
  • It’s so different to the English language
  • Everyone raves about k-pop and k-dramas
  • The alphabet (Hangul) seems relatively easy to learn

Honestly the list could go on but I’ll leave it at that for now. I’ll be leaving a few links I found useful at the bottom!

I have already started to look at many different websites, YouTube videos and textbooks on learning Korean and they all had one thing in common, learn Hangul first, and learn it extremely well. Extremely means how to write it and also the pronunciation. I had only been learning it for about a week and already was trying to rely less and less on the Romanisation, as that is not the point of the symbols and sometimes the romanisation does not represent the actual sounds correctly. Although Romanisation definitely helped at first, it is crucial that you can recognise the symbol and match it to a sound and vice versa.

I have been learning Korean for the past 2 weeks. I would say that I knew Hangul pretty well after only a week, but am nowhere near being able to quickly recognise how every symbol sounds although I am still trying to revise over them for at least 5 minutes everyday so I can retain the information as that is really hard for me to do! I have started looking at basic sentence structure and grammar but as I am only 2 weeks in, it is still very basic. From the information I have gathered from various sources, basic grammar and sentence structure is crucial to learn if you want to speak Korean.

Although it is very boring it is important to stay motived! As when that’s over then the fun begins. I have already learnt a few words and short sentences, which makes me want to learn more grammar and sentence structure so I can learn more complicated sentences. I do realise I shouldn’t have to high expectations and think I will be able to speak complex sentences within the next couple of months but its hard not to think about.

The way I personally learn the best is hearing someone say it and then myself writing down everything they say in a notebook, then reviewing a couple of days or a week later. So I recommend buying a book to write notes down in. My biology teacher once told me the brain is designed to forget but if you can manage to learn something 5 times, by reading, writing or listening that will be easier to retain. I haven’t discovered if this applies to learning a language but it has seemed to work for ever other aspect.

I’ll leave some links below on websites/YouTube videos I watched and found useful for learning Hangul. I find looking at a range of sources helps with learning it faster. Happy Hangul learning!







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